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Open Networks Ltd

A multi diverse business in the planning, design and installation of FTTH, metro and long haul fibre trunk works. Our management team have over 60 years combined experience in network roll outs across the globe.

Network Audits

Not entirely sure what you have in certain parts of your network, yes it happens. Years of multiple contractors on the network, not receiving the correct As-Built data back. We can re-map your network and give you back the information needed.

Network Vulnerability

After our in-depth network audit our report will point out certain vulnerabilities in your network infrastructure should we find any. As part of these finding we shall document the vulnerabilities and mark them as a potential security risk.

Network Security

Your network is the beating heart of your infrastructure. Any potential issues may have an adverse affect in weeks, months or even years to come. Broken street side cabinets, defected cable chambers, unsecured cables and fibre closures all form part of potential breaches in the network.


Open Networks Ltd

Breathing Life Back Into Your Existing Infrastructure

In the right hands for network assurance

As a young and vibrant business we pride ourselves in delivering the best possible solutions for a realistic price. Our range of services means we can accommodate almost every request and deliver on time within budget. For the assurance your business requires come speak with us to discuss a solution right for you.

Sub-Duct Extraction

As time goes by the primary ducts within a telecoms external network infrastructure become congested with smaller ducts we know as sub-ducts. Eventually no more room is available to install further network cables without constructing a new duct, a costly and timely event to say the least. Here at Open Networks we can remove these existing sub-ducts while maintaining a live fibre network with no downtime with our unique extraction product.


Planning & Design Services

We have extensive experience in network planning and design within the fibre optic arena. From FTTH planning to metro, long haul and 5G networks we have a solution for all operators. Whether your looking for a greenfield build or just a network audit we have the qualified engineers to build you a design or as-built document.



PIA- Physical Infrastructure Access

Having worked on the BT Openreach network for decades we understand the importance of BT’s requirements. Our engineers are fully accredited to survey and install on the BT Openreach network. We have fully qualified S5/PIA overhead network surveyors, S6/PIA UG duct surveyors, S7/PIA sub-duct and cable installation and S8/PIA overhead cable installation. 




  Our Approach to    Fibre Networks

 Understanding your clients requirements is the key to           producing the very best end product. Here at Open Networks   Ltd we listen to our customers which gives us the best chance   of delivering high-end solutions and services.

 As the fibre revolution gears up for a fast paced race over the   next ten years we are working in the background as innovators   bringing ideas to life. Producing solutions is what we do best in   speeding up the network build, helping reduce costs for our   clients and bringing quality to the forefront of the project. 


From ideas to reality

Years of experience gives us the upper edge in innovation. From pipe dreams to the real deal we can create a solution for your business

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